About Us

Loulou + Jones is your go to guide for planning the ultimate party.

Whether themes, ideas, food, decorations, supplies and DIY it’s all here. And there’ll also be a bit of fashion, home decor, recipes, entertainment + travel thrown in too.

Everything you need for a happy and awesome life.

And you can call on us if you’re after someone to plan and style your next party. Everything from parties for kids to adults, milestone events and weddings to corporate functions. Just send us a message.


A bit about Steph…

I’m Steph, a 30 year old who calls Australia home. I have a few of the “life boxes” ticked. Family is my number 1. But being creative is my absolute passion! And apart from my Pinterest addiction and party planning every once in a while I never have much of an outlet for it.

I love everything design whether it’s to do with parties, craft, DIY, or homes. I started throwing around ideas with my friends and found one person who felt just like me… my amazing cousin Louise. So after numerous conversations over plenty of tea and cake (our favourites) we came to the conclusion that we had to do something together… fast!


Louise Steph Loulou and Jones

Louise + Steph


So we started Loulou + Jones. It will be our chance (and excuse) to be creative more often and have a tonne of fun along the way- planning parties, DIY and selling our own products.

The blog will be all the best ideas and everything Louise and I want to share. So keep checking back on us (or better yet subscribe) and sign up to our social pages for updates.


And a bit about Louise…

I’m Louise; the other half to Loulou + Jones. My biggest loves in life are my friends and family (who I’ll make any excuse to see). I am a full time office worker, who loves to travel and indulges in reading home decorating magazines and adding to my SMASH scrapbook. I also jump at the chance to get the creative juices flowing with my cousin Steph. Loulou + Jones will be an outlet for both Steph and I to be creative and have some fun along the way.



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