21 Unique Food + Drink Stations

Looking for unique food + drink stations you could use for your wedding, party or event? You can’t go past these ideas. Not only will they taste amazing but they’ll be a hit and give your  party that extra wow factor.

21 Unique Food + Drink Stations via Loulou + Jones

1. DIY Omlette Bar

Why not organise something completely different and throw a Brunch Party. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. If you do you can’t go past this modern Omlette Bar.


2. Sweet Ice Cream Bar

I love this sweet ice cream bar. Just gather the holder (cones, waffle cones and sundae cups), toppings and of course the ice cream and you have a fun and easy dessert. Perfect for warm weather parties and events.

Ice Cream Buffet- Food + Drink Stations



3. Mimosa Bar

Champagne is great but Mimosa’s are better. Setting up a Mimosa Bar is simple- champagne, fruit, juice, glasses and you’re good to go.


4. “Pig Out” Food Stations

Who wouldn’t want to pig out and indulge at a party. Include all your favourite decadent foods. I love the Bacon table… you can never have too much bacon!

Lets Pig Out Bacon Stations- Food + Drink Stations



5. Hot Cocoa Chocolate Bar

Baby it’s cold outside… It may be cold but help your guests warm up with this rustic Hot Cocoa Chocolate Bar.


6. Gourmet Hot Dog Bar

Hot Dogs are a super easy party staple but take it to the next level with a gourmet hot dog bar with all the toppings, relishes and sauces.

Hot Dog Bar- Food + Drink Stations



7. Churro Dessert Bar

Churros are a favourite around here so a Churro Bar would be top of the list for our next event. Yum!


8. Cheese Tasting Station

Take your cheese plate to the next level and create a feature at your party. This modern rustic Cheese Tasting Station is simple but decadent. Just add wine!

Cheese Tasting- Food + Drink Stations



9. Flavoured Waters Drink Bar

But wine can’t be the only drink you serve at your party (unfortunately). Keep adults and children happy with a flavoured water drink bar. Perfect for outdoor parties and weddings to help beat the heat.


10. Potato Spud Bar

You can’t go wrong with potatoes. There’s so many ways to serve them so why not make them all and serve at your own Spud Bar- potato skins, tater tots, fries, wedges etc.


11. Stacked Donut Bar

Love donuts and looking for a way to serve them for dessert at your next event? Check out this ingenious display. So fun and easy to do… and no cooking required!


12. Tea Station

I think a Tea Station would be a perfect addition to a pretty afternoon tea or girls day/night in.


13. Loaded Mac n Cheese Bar

Macaroni n Cheese… I like it. Loaded Mac n Cheese… yes please!!! I think this Bar would be the perfect addition to a winter party to help warm guests up and with all the extra toppings it makes it that extra bit special.


14. Flavoured Snow Cone Station

And something for when it’s hot outside. Help your guests cool down with a Flavoured Snow Cone Station. They look “sweet” enough to eat!!!


15. Extra Special Grilled Cheese Bar

I reckon a Grilled Cheese Bar would be perfect for a lunch function… or even as a late night snack for pumping parties. They look scrumptious.


16. Beer Tasting + Snack Table

Beer is not on my top of my drink list but if it were this is how I would want to display it. This super cool beer tasting and snack table is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


17. Pile it High Burger Bar

Hamburgers are another party staple but can be easily jazzed up with toppings and condiments and grilled sides.


18. Fresh Bread + Butter Bar

How rustic and unique is this idea? A fresh bread and butter bar. I don’t know about you but I love warm crusty bread and butter and having a whole smorgasbord to choose from would be heaven.

19. Bubbly Bar

I may not be a fan of beer but champagne is another story. This Bubbly bar is adorable and super easy for any party.


20. Fresh + Modern Salad Bar

Looking for something fresh and healthy to serve, why not set up a modern salad bar? Such an interesting and different idea. All you need to do is prep work and you’re good to go.


21. French Fry + Sauce Bar

And lastly I love this French Fry bar. It’s one of my favourite sides. I especially like the sweet potato fries. Yum!


I don’t know about you but just looking at these pictures are making me hungry. What’s your favourite? Try one of these ideas at your next soiree. I guarantee they’ll be a hit!


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